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Garden & Leisure

At Dale Hire we stock a wide range of equipment and tools that will suit all of your gardening and landscaping needs.  Our extensive range of gardening equipment will enable you to maintain your outdoor space, however big or small with ease and professional end results.

Our gardening equipment for hire includes:

  • Chainsaws 14" & 18"
  • Lawn Mowers & Brush Cutters
  • Hedge Trimmer STD & Long Arm
  • Post Hole Borers Single & Two Man
  • Rotor Rakes
1230 Walk-behind Trencher

1230 Walk-behind Trencher Ditch Witch

This durable trenching machine features rugged mechanical digging drives and hydrostatic ground drives that never let you down. Its compact size provides superior manoeuvrability. Its reinforced steel frame offers reliability year after year. And that's just the beginning.

2WD R300 Trencher

2WD R300 Trencher Ditch Witch

Both two-wheel-drive Zahn trenchers are designed to install sprinkler systems and utilities and perform other trenching tasks in traditional fashion with non-traditional power, speed, and efficiency. Equipped with a unique InterChange connection that accepts two types of highly productive trenchers, the 2WD R300 deliver superior trenching performance on even the tightest jobsites.

Brush Cutter / Strimmer

Brush Cutter / Strimmer Stihl

Comfortable to use, durable, robust and very powerful clearing saw with ErgoStart and simplified starting system. Powered by low emission, fuel-efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine. The 4 point anti-vibration system reduces user fatigue.


Canycom CM1401

These unique Shaft Driven Grass and brushcutters will operate virtually anywhere and destroy anything in their path.

The excellent design means they can handle extreme terrain and will cut much longer overgrown grass/brush/shrubs than traditional mowers: Shaft driven so all of the power goes directly to the flail blades, allowing the cutting of brush and woody material up to 36mm in diameter where normal equipment would be destroyed.


Chain Saw MS170 14

Chain Saw MS170 14" Stihl

Handy introductory chain saw for thinning out wood, sawing firewood and for felling small trees up to approx. 30 cm in diameter. Light and easy to handle. Convenient single lever master control. Available with 12"/30cm guide bar.

Chain Saw MS291 18

Chain Saw MS291 18" Stihl

Durable 2.8kW petrol chain saw is a practical all-rounder for farmers, landscapers and gardeners. With the economical 2-MIX engine, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 20% and emissions are cut by up to 50%.

Chipper TW13/75G

Chipper TW13/75G Timberwolf

The Timberwolf 13/75G is the most effective and rugged 3” chipper available. Perfect for landscapers and DIY, the TW 13/75G will cope with the full range of green garden waste.  Positive blade feed draws material in, ensuring easy and safe operation. Robust design and ultra-long blade life means low running costs.

Chipper TW190TDHB

Chipper TW190TDHB

The Timberwolf 190TDHB (Turbo) has been designed as a pure contractors machine. This is the same machine as the TW 190DHB but with an extra 10hp available!  Built to the very highest standards, it will tackle the toughest jobs with the minimum of maintenance.

Hedge Cutter

Hedge Cutter Stihl

Professional hedge-cutter with single-sided blade for cutting back. Low weight and low vibrations. 3000 strokes per minute. Lower blade speed and a more powerful cut. Trimming variation (T)

Hedge Cutter Long Reach

Hedge Cutter Long Reach Stihl

Short Shaft version (K). Long reach hedge trimmer with patented 4-MIX engine giving more power, increased torque and a more pleasant sound. 135° adjustable working blade range with 13 lockable points including 270° storage and transportation point.

Lawn Aerator LA20

Lawn Aerator LA20 Camon

Good aeration is vital for the health of any lawn and it has never been easier to achieve than with the CAMON LA20 Aerator.  Built to the highest standards the CAMON LA20 Lawn Aerator is incredibly reliable, durable and most importantly it provides fantastic performance.

Rotovator 13hp

Rotovator 13hp Honda

Fingertip controls are simple to understand and easy to operate for the inexperienced or professional user.  Wheels and tines work independently of each other, allowing the wheels to travel at variable speed while the engine and tines remain at full speed.  Tines automatically stop when wheels are in reverse.

Rotovator 8hp

Rotovator 8hp Camon

The CAMON C8 Rotavator has built a reputation as a tough and durable machine that will perform in even the most demanding of conditions.  It is not only ideal for allotments and gardens but it is also capable of providing a great finish in previously uncultivated ground.

Shredder S426TDHB

Shredder S426TDHB Timberwolf

The Timberwolf S426TDHB provides performance that has never been available to you at this price before. It is no exaggeration to say that even if you spend twice as much you will find it difficult to find a shredder that can match the TW S426TDHB.

Stump Grinder C500

Stump Grinder C500 Camon

The CAMON C500 Stump Grinder is a compact machine designed to remove unwanted tree stumps simply, safely and efficiently.  The C500 has the benefit of a reliable Honda petrol engine and a grinding disc that is tipped with durable heavy-duty carbide teeth.