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Scissor Lift BoSS X3 Youngman

The BoSS X-Series is the tough, professional, range of micro powered access platforms. Designed for a multitude of tasks including general maintenance, cleaning, painting and fit and strip out work, they can be used on construction projects, in factories, transport environments, shopping  centres, retail outlets and in offices and offer numerous features and benefits.

Scissor Lift GS1932

Scissor Lift GS1932 Genie

Performance, reliability, serviceability and value.  Easily pass through standard single or double doors with the 30 Series (76 cm width) and with the 32 Series (81 cm width).   Low-emission electric scissors deliver a quiet, convenient method for operation in sound-sensitive environments like office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, schools and more.  

Scissor Lift GS2646

Scissor Lift GS2646 Genie

Satisfies your heavy lifting requirements with ease and efficiency.  
The solid steel deck platform has a slip-resistant surface.  Heavy duty guardrails fold down quickly without tools for increased accessibility.  Lubrication-free, service-free pivot points. Built-in lanyard attachment points are provided. The ergonomic Joystick Controller operates from the platform or the ground.

Scissor Lift GS3268

Scissor Lift GS3268 Genie

True 4WD Traction Control.  Four-wheel drive and positive traction control.  From 30% to 35% gradeability when driving on slopes.  2.51 x 1.55 m (8 ft 3 in x 5 ft 1 in) steel frame platform with replaceable aluminium deck and folding guardrails. 

Shredder S426TDHB

Shredder S426TDHB Timberwolf

The Timberwolf S426TDHB provides performance that has never been available to you at this price before. It is no exaggeration to say that even if you spend twice as much you will find it difficult to find a shredder that can match the TW S426TDHB.

Stairwell Tower

Stairwell Tower Lyte

The Stair-Lyte Tower provides a safe working platform when working on stairs.  Manufactured for Heavy Duty Use.  Easy to transport and assemble.  Swivel base plates at base of tower.  Max working load 150kg.

Stump Grinder C500

Stump Grinder C500 Camon

The CAMON C500 Stump Grinder is a compact machine designed to remove unwanted tree stumps simply, safely and efficiently.  The C500 has the benefit of a reliable Honda petrol engine and a grinding disc that is tipped with durable heavy-duty carbide teeth.