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Items starting with B

BMD300 Motorised 4w/d MiniDumper Belle

The BMD motorized pedestrian 4-wheel drive Minidumper is designed for loading and transporting with speed, greater flexibility and manoeuverability. It can accommodate all kind of loads, on any terrain, for various applications in construction as well as in landscaping and agricultural work.

Boom Lift 120

Boom Lift 120 Nifty

The Nifty 120 is one of the most robust and versatile trailer mounts available. Its telescopic axles allow it to pass through double doorway openings and setting up is simple with a choice of manual or hydraulic outriggers. Operation is quick and easy and its reliable hydraulic controls make it an ideal alternative to ladders and scaffolds.

Boom Lift 120T

Boom Lift 120T Nifty

Designed specifically to give maximum performance from the most compact chassis possible, the Nifty 120T utilises its versatile telescopic boom to deliver unrivalled working outreach. Hydraulically operated outriggers make setting up quick and easy and the telescopic axles coupled with its compact base make this one of the most manoeuvrable trailer mounts available.

Boom Lift 90

Boom Lift 90 Nifty

The Nifty 90 is the ideal alternative to ladders and scaffolds. Its compact design allows it to be set up in the most confined spaces. The telescopic axle allows it to pass through single doorways and its simple, reliable hydraulic controls make even first time operation straightforward.

Boom Lift HR12 4x4

Boom Lift HR12 4x4 Nifty

With its compact dimensions and class-leading working envelope, the Height Rider 12 has always been versatile and reliable, but add to this a low weight chassis and a powerful 4-Wheel-Drive system and you’ve got the Height Rider 12 4x4 - one of the most complete 12m (40ft) work platforms available.

Boom Lift HR21 4x4

Boom Lift HR21 4x4 Nifty

The Nifty Height Rider 21 (HR21) 4WD version delivers superb traction through its unique suspension and powerful motors. Both combine innovative weight and space saving design with an excellent turning circle for better manoeuvrability on-site and lower transportation costs. Proportional controls deliver smooth, measured operation while platform rotation and fly-boom allow precise positioning anywhere in its vast working envelope.

Boom Lift TD120 TN

Boom Lift TD120 TN Nifty

The TD120TN track drive access platform offers an impressive working envelope from a compact base with outstanding traction.  The TD120TN track drive access platform delivers 60% grade ability with excellent traction on steep or rough terrain and will pass through a 0.75m opening for restricted access applications.

Boom light lift 17.75

Boom light lift 17.75 Hinowa light lift 17.75

LIGHTLIFT 17.75 PERFORMANCE IIIS is a compact and functional machine equipped with the most modern technology. The articulated structure, made of robust high strength steel, allows extraordinary stability during the use. All the components were carefully selected in order to last a long time and to be used intensively. includes simple and comfortable controls such as self stabilization, arm movements and translation.

Brush Cutter / Strimmer

Brush Cutter / Strimmer Stihl

Comfortable to use, durable, robust and very powerful clearing saw with ErgoStart and simplified starting system. Powered by low emission, fuel-efficient STIHL 2-MIX engine. The 4 point anti-vibration system reduces user fatigue.